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health buildingsThe Sumba Foundation clinics have a reputation as being the best in the area and many people are actually walking; often well over a mile, right past the government clinics to be treated at ours. Dramatic improvements in the people’s health are now clearly visible throughout the large area that our network of clinics serves. .

In the remote areas of Sumba there are no clinics within a half day’s walk. The government clinics are dilapidated and none have reliable medical supplies or equipment. It really is a desperate situation for those that are sick and in need of medical help.  In response we have built and staff five clinics. These clinics have been strategically placed about two to three miles apart to allow for reasonable access for the sick coming from villages nearby.

We employ 14 Indonesian nurses at our clinics and we have an ongoing training program supervised by doctors that are working with us to improve the diagnostic and treatment skills of our medical team.  We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sumbanese government authorizing The Sumba Foundation to construct staff and manage its own clinics.

Everyone that visits one of our clinics receives a mandatory blood test for malaria and each year thousands of tests are performed at our labs. We have a dental facility at our Hobawawi Clinic at which foreign dentists on holiday at Nihiwatu can volunteer their services for the benefit of the local community.  Each year several hundred villagers receive dental help in this way. We also perform eye examinations and dispense thousands of glasses from our clinics.