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The Sumba Foundation supports and funds projects directly through public donations. We also join with other organizations in larger co-operative endeavours such as Interplast Australia and New Zealand and the Sumba Eye Program.

In every case, The Sumba Foundation projects involve local commitment and community participation.
When you give to The Sumba Foundation you have the satisfaction of knowing that not only are you helping people in need, but that you are helping to preserve an irreplaceable culture.

Where your Money Goes

As we expand our coverage area, we are finding more schools with hundreds of students. We want to expand our education program too, but first we need to fund a new teacher. This person will continue our health program in the new schools as well as in the community. Children learn both topics relevant at an early age and those relevant to the life and environment of Sumba — washing their hands and brushing their teeth, the food pyramid and diet, how to avoid common sickness, worms, diarrhea, and malaria, etc.

Such education requires simple materials — books, hand outs, props for interactive play, posters etc. — that are shared with the children and community to make their learning experience creative and fun. Our new employee will also need motorcycle transportation to and from these remote schools which are spread throughout a maze of bumpy dirt roads…

In order to provide some idea of our expenses, here are a few examples:

  • A teacher’s salary for one year is $2,500
  • Teaching materials for the year $500
  • Total cost of program expansion for one year is $5,300

Ways to Donate

Donate through the Network for Good online via your credit card:

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To donate by check please mail your check to:

The Sumba Foundation
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For questions, please call: +1 (949) 498-5731

To donate by bank transfer (USA only)

Bank of America
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Account name: The Sumba Foundation
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