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The Foundation

Two Small Children - Our Health ProjectsThe Sumba Foundation is a private, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization under the section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

We are dedicated to helping the indigenous people of Sumba by improving the quality of their lives through better health and education, and by providing suitable employment opportunities, a key component in achieving our long term goal of lessening the oppressive impacts of poverty.

Poverty means more than simply not having enough money. Above all, it means not having the opportunity to make a better life for the future. The Sumba Foundation aims to be a force for positive change and to give the people much needed hope for a better future.

Our aid plan is based on more than sixteen years of firsthand knowledge of the island and its people. In those years we have closely observed the way of life of the Sumbanese and we have consulted with them about their most urgent needs and aspirations.

We have also gathered information from anthropologists, foreign volunteers, aid workers and the government. Our aid philosophy is to help the people to help themselves, we do not believe in giving ongoing handouts or spending large sums of money to solve problems. We believe that small projects, that are well managed and cost efficient, bring the best results.

The people of Sumba need the basics that we in western society take for granted; clean water, healthy living conditions, medicines and medical facilities, education for their children and employment opportunities.

The Sumba Foundation strives to provide these needs to the people. In so doing we are confident that we will have built the foundation for a better life and a way to end poverty on the island.