Our goal has always been to ease the crushing burdens of poverty for the coastal communities through improved health and education, but we cannot do it alone.

Since 2001, Nihi Sumba guests have been the driving force behind the profound improvements that have touched the lives of more than 40,000 Sumbanese living in our core projects areas.

With their help, The Sumba Foundation has been able to provide water, nutrition, healthcare, education, farming assistance, and scholarship opportunities to people in need. None of these initiatives could have happened without people just like you.

There is still much to be done, but the solutions to the needs of the people of Sumba are not complicated. Empowering communities is the cornerstone for the success of our projects

The Sumba Foundation Needs List is a collection of our projects that need funding in order to be completed or continued.

Through the generous support of Chris Burch, owner of Nihi Sumba Resort, all administrative and operating costs of The Sumba Foundation have been covered, allowing 100% of your donation to go directly to projects benefitting the Sumbanese community.

Please take a moment to browse the current needs and thank you for your generous partnership.