Increasing the Impact

We’re renovating, upgrading, and expanding our coverage to provide more people with direct access to water.
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The Sumba Foundation is committed to providing the Sumba people with access to water — which aligns with the United Nationals Millennium Development Goal that 68.8 percent of the world’s population has access to a “sustainable source of water by 2015” (“Indonesia Water Investment Roadmap,” 2012).

The UN defines this goal by measuring the number of people who can have a reasonable quantity of potable water for consumption and everyday activities on a regular basis.

Our current focus includes renovating and upgrading 21 water projects:

  • 6 gravity-fed water systems
  • 8 wells connected to the local power grid
  • 7 projects running on generators in remote locations

We’re also expanding our coverage into new areas and villages to provide more people with direct access to water.

Sumba Crisis Relief Fundraiser

Join Sumba Foundation and Nihi Sumba to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and provide relief to families affected by the economic impact of the pandemic.