Project Updates

Learning Center Opened

Summer 2019 we opened our flagship Learning Development Center in Hobawawi, where we are now teaching 300 students English three times per week!

English Program Stats


Different classes are taught every week


Teachers teach a total of six days a week


Government schools work with us


Students are registered in our English program

Pededewatu Water Project

In an effort to bring access to potable water to more people, we have completely renovated our water project at Pededewatu.

We’ve upgraded the well from the traditional open well, pumping out all the water, and created a brand-new water containment structure, fully sealed to ensure the water remains potable.

After the installation of electricity to the site, we installed a new submersible pump and a new hand pump at the well. Now water flows to SD Pededewatu Primary School where there are 270 students, age 6 to 12 years old, going to school, who can now use the water there.

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Low-Smoke Burner Project

Currently our number-one reason for patient visits to our clinics is to address upper respiratory issues. In order to combat this, we have started to survey people in nearby villages and install smoke-retention disks that will allow us to see just how much the smoke is impacting people’s respiratory systems. We are also distributing low-smoke burners to replace the traditional three-stone open fire in the center of the homes.

Over the next year, we will distribute an initial 1,500 low-smoke burners to villages and will track the progress of integration and use, as well as what impact it has on patients visiting the clinic to be treated for respiratory issues. This—stage one of the project—will increase patient data so we can measure the effectiveness of the system.

Australian Eye Doctor Visits

For the past 11 years, we have had the pleasure of working with the Royal Austral-Asian College of Surgery in Australia and the Sumba Eye Program to restore the Sumba people’s vision. Over 12,000 patients have been given prescription glasses. and more than 800 people have received eye surgery to correct primarily cataracts, as well as a variety of other eye diseases.

This year a group of 12 Australian eye doctors came out to perform their annual patient survey, placing patients on a short-list for the main visit in August when the surgeries will take place.

Thanks for Your Support!

Your donation helps alleviate poverty in Sumba by providing access to potable water, an end to malaria, general health, and education.

With these tools, the people of Sumba have the means to lift themselves out of poverty and create sustainable economies to better their own livelihoods.