Teaching English Classes

Over 1,000 children are benefiting from English training courses offered throughout the area.
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In November 2017, we established our first class focused on the English language for 40 primary school children.

These classes are taught three days a week after school to help prepare children with the language skills they will need when they’re older. These classes will give them a competitive edge for upcoming job opportunities in the developing tourism industry coming to the island in the next decade.

Over only several months, we’ve grown to have over 300 students, ages 5 to 16, attending our classes in two locations. We have another 700 students, ages 5 to 18, who attend sponsored English classes at five different villages and a nearby high school in the Lamboya area.

Sumba Crisis Relief Fundraiser

Join Sumba Foundation and Nihi Sumba to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and provide relief to families affected by the economic impact of the pandemic.