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The Learning Development Center

We're excited to announce on June 17, 2019, we opened our flagship Learning Development Center in Hobawawi, where we are now teaching 300 students English in a classroom three times per week.
Fighting Malnutrition

Fighting Malnutrition

It's estimated that more than half of the Sumbanese children under the age of 5 suffer from malnutrition and anemia caused by a poor diet.
The Graves Family

The Graves Family and The Sumba Foundation

Claude and Petra Graves have been pivotal leaders and characters in the story of The Sumba Foundation and the island itself. This video highlights the journey to where they are today.
Sumba Foundation Malaria Clinic

Health Program Report

In the last two years, the Sumba Foundation has seen a very significant increase in health program activities and coverage area.
Assisting farmers

Assisting Farmers

Having nutritious food available is important to improving the overall health of the community.
Sumba Foundation Malaria Clinic

Establishing Medical Clinics

Four Sumba Foundation clinics annually treat around 25,000 patients for a large range of infectious and non-infectious ailments.
Reducing Malaria

Reducing Malaria

We have reduced the occurrence of malaria by 93 percent in our core intervention area, and aim for elimination in Sumba over the coming decade.
Sumba Foundation Eye Care

Helping People See

Our Eye Care Program is dedicated to alleviating the people of Sumba from eye diseases and assisting their refraction needs.
Hobawawi learning house

Building a Learning Center

The Learning House will be our center for learning development and will act as a hub to support additional learning huts throughout the area.
School Kids

Giving Scholarships

In addition to supporting primary schools, we also help students to further their education.
School Lunch Program

Providing School Lunch

School lunch provides a nutritious meal to growing children — increasing their attention span and ability to learn.
Infant Nutrition Program

Caring for Infants

The lives of more than 400 children have been saved through direct intervention in critical cases of malnutrition and malaria.
Increasing Clean Water Access

Increasing the Impact

We’re renovating, upgrading, and expanding our coverage to provide more people with direct access to water.
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