Nihi Sumba Resort

The Sumba Foundation and the recently rebranded resort, Nihi Sumba Island, are two separate entities working side by side to better the lives of the Sumbanese people.

Helping the Local Community

Since its opening in 2001, Nihiwatu, rebranded as Nihi Sumba Island, has been the main economic driver on Sumba. Over the years it has created jobs for thousands, and additionally millions of dollars have been spent on locally sourced products. This has transformed communities that are now prospering like never before. 

Nihi Sumba Island, and its owner Chris Burch, have played a key role in the success of The Sumba Foundation. Since 2014, Mr. Burch has been the single largest donor to The Sumba Foundation, and Nihi Sumba Island’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is collaborating with the Foundation on projects close to their hearts focused on aiding local children. 

Guests Play an Important Role

Since 2001, guests at the resort have been a driving force behind the radical improvements that have gone on to touch the lives of countless Sumbanese.

With the guests’ help, the Sumba Foundation has been able to provide accessible potable water, mosquito nets, medical clinics, and relief aid in times of dire need. The foundation also has been improving local primary schools, providing farming assistance, and offering economic opportunities to people in need.