Hiking for Sumba

Kiri Desborough, the resident yoga instructor at NIHI Sumba, embarks on a journey across the island in support of the Sumba Foundation and all of the beautiful resources they provide for the local people.

About the Hike

Averaging 30-40 kilometers a day, I will be walking over the course of three weeks to raise funds for our cherished Sumba Foundation. This path will take me through hilltop villages and river valleys, and I have been well-prepared by the Sumba Foundation team to ensure my safety and direction along the way. Sponsors or curious followers are encourage to track me along the journey through Garmin, linked below. I could not be more excited to begin my journey through the breathtaking vistas and heartwarming scenes of domestic life across the terrain, and your support to make this trip worthwhile makes all the difference in how the Sumbanese can benefit directly from my trek.

The Sumba Foundation works to alleviate poverty in Sumba by providing access to potable water, nutrition, English education, and economic opportunities, in addition to efforts to eradicate malaria across the island.

I have seen first hand the incredible impact the Sumba Foundation has on this island, and after touring the English classes, lunch programs, and clinics I was inspired to be a part of this initiative to build a better future for the Sumbanese.

It’s not been hard to completely fall in love with the Sumbanese people and culture here. I dreamt one night that I would take this journey, and in some ways, it still feels like a dream.

I look forward to taking you all with me on this adventure.

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It’s hot on the trail, and there are many kilometers to cover each day. Say ‘hi’ and help Kiri persist in her goal!

All donations are in USD.

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