Upcoming Projects

New efforts to help support a developing Sumba.

SD Padedewatu Water Project

The Primary School at Padedewatu was the first school we have helped to support with desks, tables, chairs and school supplies for children.

The water project at this school was built in 2001 for the 70 students that were enrolled at the time. Now, there are 280 students enrolled in the school.

Currently, the water supply cannot keep up with the needs of the school. Renovation and expansion is necessary. We also intend to build toilets at the school and pump water to several nearby villages.

Once completed, 600 people who will benefit from this project!

New water project

Kapaka Water Project

Located at the end of a long series of rice fields, the Kapaka spring is often contaminated due to the run off from the village above and livestock that contaminates water in the area.

At this site, we will dig out the spring and build a well to ensure that the water is kept potable throughout the year.

The goal is to ensure health and hygiene is maintained for those using the water from this source.